Omega VSJ843R Juicer Review

Omega’s VSJ843R is the latest addition to its popular line of vertical slow juicers. The company has improved upon their line of VSJ843 series and have created the new standard for slow juicers. Some of the new features on the upright juicer include a 43 RPM operating speed, and an auto cleaning system. I think these juicers are going to be a favorite among consumers.

omega VSJ843RS

The models included in this line are the VSJ843Q and the VSJ843R. The feature that sets the two juicers apart is the shape. The mechanics on both are the same. The body is more of a rounded style on the R model, while the Q model has a more squared shape. The Q model is also a bit wider than the R model. Both of the juicers offer premium performance. I think the difference boils down to personal taste.


  • Quiet – This juicer may just be the quietest one that you will find. The new design is effective in eliminating noise which is a noticeable feature as soon as you switch the unit on to use.
  • Amount Of Juice Extracted – This juices gets all of the juice out and leaves a completely dry pulp. This is uncommon for a juicer in this category. It works great with hard food items and leafy greens.
  • Quality Of The Juice – The end product is great tasting and has no pulp.



  • Jams – Harder vegetables such as carrots can cause the machine to jam. You have to make sure to cut harder items into smaller pieces to keep this from happening.
  • Small Feeder Chute – The chute could be wider so that you don’t have to cut up the fruits and vegetables before putting them into the juicer.
  • Price – This juicer is high quality but has a higher price tag.



The new VSJ843 has not been offered on the market very long but already customers are leaving glowing feedback about its performance and value. Even though there are a few areas that could be improved upon, this juicer is high quality and built to last. If you are considering an upright juicer that performs well without a lot of noise, then I recommend this model is for you.