Best Masticating Juicer Reviews

I have learned that there are numerous advantages to using traditional horizontal masticating juicers over centrifugal machines. In fact, I firmly believe that they are just a better overall choice for all your juicing needs. Here’s a quick look at the top advantages I have identified and a list of the best masticating juicer.

masticating juicer reviewsSpeed

Masticating juicer is frequently referred to as a slower juicer because they run at lower speeds. The truth is that because of their deliberate pace while juicing, they really do not compare to centrifugal juicers. However, this slow speed does offer several benefits, such as yield, juice quality, and noise level.

Better Juice Yield

In most cases, this type of juicer results in a higher juice yield when you are using leafy green vegetables, which makes it an ideal option if you use a lot of cabbage, herbs, kale, spinach, or wheatgrass. This is because the speed a masticating juicer operates at when it is crushing, grinding, and pressing fruits and vegetables is significantly slower, allowing it to extract juice from the pulp. In addition, they work well with harder vegetables. On the flip side, they tend to underperform with softer fruits. For the best results, it is a good idea to alternate soft and hard fruits while juicing.

Superior Juice Quality

When compared to centrifugal juicers, traditional horizontal masticating juicers cause less oxidation in the juice, which means that it tends to stay fresh for a longer period of time. This gives you the option of making several days’ worth of juice at one time and then store it in the refrigerator for use over the next few days. On the other hand, these juicers are prone to producing more pulp in the juice, so if you prefer your juice to be free of pulp, you’ll need to strain it first.

Noise Level

If you prefer a quieter machine, the masticating juicer is sure to be perfect for you. Thanks to its slow speeds, it doesn’t produce near as much noise as centrifugal juicers.


When you purchase a horizontal masticating juicer, several different nozzles are usually included, which means you can use the juicer to make a variety of healthy snacks. For example, they can be used to make everything from smoothies and sorbets to peanut butter and natural baby food. You can even use it as a mincer or grinder or even to extrude pasta. These added functions make it a huge value in the kitchen. Unfortunately for centrifugal juicers and vertical masticating juicers, this versatility is something they are simply unable to provide.

Overall, there are a number of significant benefits associated with traditional horizontal masticating juicers. From high quality juice produced with minimal noise to a slower speed that results in a better juice yield, as well as a higher quality juice, there are definitely several reasons why you should consider adding a horizontal masticating juicer to your kitchen appliances.

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